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How To Create A Sub-domain In Cpanel

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With respect to hierarchy, domains are read from right to left.

Top level domain (TLD) examples are .com, .net, .org, etc.

A second level domain would be your domain within a top level domain.

Third level domains are the next level within a second level domain.

1st level domain: .com
2nd level domain: yourdomain.com
3rd level domain: john.yourdomain.com or www.yourdomain.com

Sub-domains are really nothing more than re-directs to a folder within your domain. In this example: www.yourdomain.com the ‘www’ part is a re-direct to your document root folder in your domain which is a folder called public_html.

Likewise, johnw.yourdomain.com could be a re-direct to a hard to remember folder in yourdomain.com that looks like this: yourdomain.com/classes/history101/students/johnw.

Login to your cPanel account and scroll down to the Domain category. Click on the Subdomains icon.

Then enter the name of the new sub-domain you’d like to create.

Click your mouse in the Document Root field and it will automatically populate it using the new sub-domain you just entered. Behinds the scenes, cPanel will create a new folder within your domain with this name and will point the sub-domain to that folder.

Click the Create button to create the sub-domain.

cPanel has now created a folder for your sub-domain in your public_html directory. This is where you will upload your files for the sub-domain.

A sub-domain called ‘tutorials’ would look like this:

It can also be accessed like this:

Click the Go Back link and you’ll see the new sub-domain listed on the page. You can return to this page at any time to create new sub-domains or delete existing ones.

Although it’s not necessary for the sub-domain to work, you can also grant virtual FTP access to the new sub-domain from the FTP Manager in cPanel.

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Cloud Hosting Services

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Cloud hosting is the latest hosting choice nowadays which is better than the others which makes sharing a single server with other websites and enduring a low speed connection a thing of the past.

Cloud hosting has numerous advantages which we will confer later after we get to know what it is all about.

Cloud hosting uses “the cloud” which is known as several servers in one platform. Cloud Hosting doesn’t call for buying a certain hardware or actual server, or even downloading particular software and maintaining it, rather, you just need a cloud hosting service company and you can ponder more on your website and your business alone.

This is what makes cloud hosting useful. Your server won’t have to crash when burdened with massive data because with cloud hosting, you’ll be making use of multiple servers. And when you no longer need that additional server, you can easily scale back to your single server.

Next, you can enjoy faster speed with cloud hosting too.

You can also save plenty of money with cloud hosting because of the truth that you don’t have to buy costly hardware device or buy and download software servers and you only have to pay for what you use. In fact, when you choose cloud hosting, you don’t need to maintain it just as you do in dedicated hosting which could add to your worries, rather, you only have to focus on your website and your traffic which also signifies that with cloud hosting, you don’t need to hire IT experts to maintain your server and you don’t need to be an IT expert yourself.

With these facts, cloud hosting is definitely the perfect hosting one could employ because it is cheaper, more convenient and provides fewer hassle for you.

But there are also other criticisms concerning cloud hosting in terms of control and security and these are nothing when you select the best cloud hosting service provider like Atlantic.net. They provide diverse cloud hosting services that will cater to your requirements such as,

1. Private Cloud Hosting Solutions-provides special privacy, security and compliance that concerns most people 2. Hybrid Cloud Hosting Solutions-combines the latest cloud computing technology with a customer’s dedicated servers, managed hosting, collocation, or other existing on or off-site equipment 3. Cloud Servers that are cost effective, simple, secure, scalable and reliable

Thus, when you employ Atlantic.net for your cloud hosting needs, you’ll acquire the greatest cloud hosting services you’ll ever need.

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Wedding Banquet Venue Selecting The Apt One

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One of the most vital decisions in your wedding planning is to select your wedding banquet venue. As you might know, the price of it can vary from venue to venue and this will surely have great impact on your total expenses. Whereas, a badly chosen wedding banquet venue might ruin your perfect event if the ambiance in the venue does not match your wedding theme. Thus, it is very important for you to have some practical guides while choosing your banquet venue.

Wedding Venue Size

Without any surprise, the first thing you must consider is the size of your venue. You will need to know if the hall can house all the guests you are going to invite. No matter how stunning a banquet hall is, you must never rent it if its size is too small to lodge all your guests. You have to make sure your guests will feel comfortable when they are attending your marriage, right?

Wedding Venue Comfort

When comfort is concerned, the hall must not be too large either. You guests might feel bizarre or uncomfortable if the banquet hall is so big that it seems there are very few guests. Hence, you must try to get a hall with a size that perfectly matches the number of guests you are going to invite.

Wedding Venue Decoration

It is also significant to consider the interior of the wedding reception venue. The first thing you need to think about is the atmosphere. Does the ambiance match your wedding theme? It is the first question you have to ask yourself. If it does not match your theme, is it probable to change the atmosphere with decorations. There are lots of talented decoration vendor which might help to alter the atmosphere of a venue. Certainly, if it is totally impossible to change the atmosphere, you will not prefer that venue.

Wedding Venue Sound System And Dance Floor

The sound system and dance floor is also very crucial. If you are planning to cheer every guest to stand up and dance, you have to ensure that there is a proper dancing floor in the hall. You need to make sure that the hall can accommodate this activity.

While booking the hall, try to book 3-4 months prior the event. If you are getting wedded in peak season, then try book a year in advance for some popular venue!!

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QuickBooks Server Hosting

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Cloud Hosting services are all over the IT domain plus the financial sector have been affected positively in the big way. The small enterprise have gladly accepted the pros that cloud hosting services have bestowed when it comes to always on application access, collaborative platform and a lot importantly cost advantages and reorganization of business priorities that it has affected. QuickBooks Hosting is one amongst Cloud hosting services which have been in the headlines of Cloud processing adoption, as there are lots of players with web host of alternatives being offered to the organization. QuickBooks being one of the few applications that can offer complete personal management solutions for organization, let’s dwell about the various fastest, options and benefit of QuickBooks Hosting Services. Before anything else every organization asks a straightforward question.

Why to search for QuickBooks Hosting solution when they are managing with all the desktop based application access. Also if you experience a considerable benefit when it comes to cost, which is of major concern for organization given their small capital base. So here is the QuickBooks hosting Services Reviewed when it comes to cost benefits with regard to small and medium Business.

Any application, QuickBooks or in any other case needs basic infrastructure to work, system configuration allow optimum performance from the application, user level placing and security features and a lot importantly IT infrastructure for instance local LAN allow multi-user access.

It is in this particular respect that the actual QuickBooks hosting Services must be reviewed in terms of cost lowering. QuickBooks Hosting Services saves costs about the following aspects.

Reduction of computer costs: QuickBooks Hosting Solution contributes to considerable reduction in the Fixed and operational IT costs. The small business do not need to invest upfront in setting up the local servers, backup facilities or maybe going for system or server upgrades. This is considering that the application is installed and run over the cloud servers and accessed locally like a desktop interface, and free from client side processing requirements.

Centralized setup: Since the QuickBooks human resources application is fitted on central cloud servers and never individually on each and every user’s desktop; it means that will central level administrative configuration may be possible wherein the administrator do not need to worry about getting somebody to cook individually to each user when it comes to troubleshooting, configuration along with security. Thus QuickBooks hosting contributes to central application accessibility and administration that is many times less difficult and less price intensive.

Tina Smith is an accountant with SageNext Infotech. She is having expertise in project management, accounting operations. With SageNext, she consults the client accountants about the benefit of QuickBooks Hosting. SageNext is a leading QuickBooks Hosting provider, dealing in all kinds of tax and accounting application hosting.

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How To Send And Receive Sms Using Computer And Gsm Modem

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Short Message Service (SMS) or TXT messaging is a technology that enables users to send and receive text messages via mobile phones. Apart for personal usage, SMS can also be used for business purpose, such as sending products promotions to customers, receiving customers feedback, informing customers about upcoming events, and even more sophisticated tasks like hosting SMS survey or contest.

In order to perform these business operations, there is a need to have a solution that supports sending/receiving of SMS via computers. Such a solution can be achieved by using a gsm modem that connect to the computer, and a relevant software that can communicate with the gsm modem.

To communicate with the gsm modem, one would need to transmit standard AT commands via serial port. In this article, I will show the most basic AT commands required for sending and receiving of SMS in text mode.

1.Set preferred message format (+CMGF)

There are two message formats supported: text mode and PDU mode. In this article, I shall illustrate the easier text mode.

To set the preferred message format as text mode:

Possible response from the gsm modem: OK

2.Send SMS (+CMGS)

To send an SMS in text mode:
AT+CMGS=”da”"CR”"text to be sent”"Ctrl-Z”

is destination address, the recipients number you want to send your sms to
is carriage return
is the text message you want to send
is the character 0x1A, or pressing Ctrl key and Z key together

For example, to send the message How are you? to the number 12345678, you key in:

The gsm modem will response with the character >. Then you key in your text:
>How are you?

The gsm modem will respond with the following if successful:

is the message reference, which is a number from 0 to 255 returned by the gsm modem. This number begins with 0 and is incremented by one for each outgoing message.

3.Receive SMS (+CMGR)

When a new sms arrived, the gsm modem would send the following byte stream:

To read the message, the computer/software needs to send the command:

The gsm modem will respond with something similar to the following:
+CMGR: REC UNREAD,12345678, 08/10/01 18:20:35+00,
How are you?

The first part is the command +CMGR, the second part is the status of the message (in this case it is UNREAD), the third portion is the senders mobile number, the forth portion is the base station time-stamp, followed by the the carriage return and line feed characters, the message content, and finally the OK terminating character.

This article aims to provide an introductory guide to how to send/receive sms using computer. The AT commands and packing of PDU mode are much more complex and will not be discussed in this article.

October 6, 2015 at 8:28 am

How The Internet Has Evolved Over Time

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Many people have heard of the Internet. In fact, according to TechPulse360, over one billion people use the Internet each day. With such an extensive number, it is easy to see exactly how the Internet has expanded over the past thirty years. Few people know the history of the Internet. However, it is easy to notice. Each year computers are getting faster and smaller. Each year, the Internet is getting faster and better. Something that started as a government project is now becoming one of the most commonly used things in the world.

The history of the Internet begins in the year 1973, where it was created by a group of people from ARPANET. ARPANET was a government organisation. Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn led this group. The project was meant to allow other computer networks to connect and communicate with one another.

In 1976, Dr. Robert M. Metcalfe developed the Ethernet. The Ethernet essentially allowed the coaxial cable to move data faster than normal. This was the first step to developing the LAN networks. In addition, it was the first step to making the Internet faster.

1983 marks the time when every single computer that was connected to the Internet had no choice but to use the TCP/IP protocol. Because of this, 1983 was the year when the use NCP protocol ended.

The National Science Foundation began working on the new T1 lines in the 1980s. By the time they were finished in 1988, traffic began to increase. Because of this increase in traffic, the NSF began working on a second update.

In 1990 the non-profit organisation ANS formulated the idea for a T3 line. It was a 45mpbs line and by 1991, all of the NSF websites were using this new network. In addition, ILEC created ADSL, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. This type of technology allowed its users to surf the web. ADSL later became DSL.

In 1995, the NSF stopped allowing free direct access to the NSF backbone. This period marks the time when people began to pay for web hosting. NSF allowed four companies to have this direct access. These four companies consequently sold access to the server for fifty dollars a year. This cost did not include .gov and .edu domains.

Broadband was introduced in 2000 as a better alternative to dial-up. The beginning of broadband marked the beginning of the Internet, as we know it today. Because of Broadband, users are able to download music and videos. The Internet became at least ten times faster than dial-up. It is also hard to forget the creation of 802.11b, more commonly known as Wi-Fi. Wireless Internet allowed the use of handheld devices and the ability to take the Internet anywhere that you are.
The evolutionary speed of the Internet has taken us to the next level in communication and its still unknown how far we can really go?

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Introduction Of Directory Submission

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The directory submission target service users are individual website owners, small businesses, web design & development companies, web hosting companies, SEO firms who’re involved in reselling their services. It is counted as the best method for search engine optimisation, and currently providing tons of opportunities for promoting business online. Now counted as the most important factor while developing marketing strategies. Basic reason of launching this service into seo industry is to avail as much one way links for a particular site as much one can. Now another service known as directory submission too makings its wave into the market. By using this submission means providing affordable web promotion and qualitative services. Also delivers more traffic flow towards your website along with improving search engine rankings.

As per the views of seo experts the directory submission is the most widely and commonly used way of building back-links towards e-commerce website. Some of the benefits of directory submission are availing more back links, guaranteed search engine indexing, frequent visit by spiders for availing information for archives, anchor text and many more. There are certain things which needed to be avoided such as ignoring the guideline rules, turning submission into sales pitch, stuffing the title, use of errant e-mail address, more and more. Your website will be submitted to most of the seo friendly web directories which are actively adding free submissions. If something so beneficial then definetly it will make sound. Likewise the benefits of this submission is widely popular now a days.

Especially check out the cream layer benefits of such type of submission which one can see even with naked eye also. Some of such benefits of directory submission are your website will get 100 percent one-way links as your site get maually submitted upto 3500 quality web directories, also such submission helps in getting links which are highly valued by major search engines, and the best part of using this submission is that you can avail constant flow of links and much more. It enhances the chances of link approvals by assuring that your site details match with the directory guidelines and are also got the submission under the relevant categories only.

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History Of Streaming Movies Online

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Media streaming is a technology that found its steady growth with the increasing use of computers and personal computers becoming a common commodity in every house. With internet becoming more accessible, people started looking at internet as an entertainment medium as well, along with its many uses. This trend led to the development of streaming media into a strong entertainment tool on the internet. More and more people started depending upon internet to view their favorite videos, and even movies.

Today, fast computers, increased internet speed and better applications available have made the movie watching experience on the internet, much enjoyable. Tremendous popularity and increase in the websites that host these movies stands testament to the increased popularity of streaming movies today. This popularity is due to the fact that it does not cost any money to stream movies, it is much faster than downloading and it is much more convenient to choose movies on the internet with a simple search on the web.

There is an overwhelming number of websites these days, which provides free movies to stream on the computer. The increase in the competition has given rise to poor quality websites hosting unreliable content, which could harm the users computer. Choosing the site wisely is very important, to watch movies in a safe environment. Sites that have a wide selection of movies and a good user review can give a better movie watching experience. Also, checking if the website is free from spyware and virus is also important before starting the streaming process. A good website would have all the popular movies available, either by hosting the content, or by providing a link to sites that host the content. A good website will let the users report a broken link and constantly update the movies by repairing and reposting the links. It will also have a well connected network of movie hosting sites, to which it provides links.

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How Your Web Hosting Packate Can Affect The Traffic To Your Website

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The availability of superior web hosting in today’s marketing environment can make a difference in obtaining guaranteed web site traffic or receiving little to no traffic at all. These dire predictions may seem implausible to the casual observer, but many online professionals recognize the importance of using a web hosting service that is reliable and trustworthy. Locating a web hosting company is certainly easy and is usually accomplished by searching on the internet, scanning industry related magazines, and referrals from satisfied customers. Finding the most appropriate hosting service that is suitable for a web site owner is challenging, but the search need not be in vain. In fact, there are several benchmarks that an online business owner can examine when attempting to choose the hosting service.

First and foremost, online marketers should seriously consider a web hosting company that enjoys a solid reputation within the industry. Searching in technical forums and conversing with fellow marketers can provide you with an ample supply of hosting companies that match your strict criteria. At this juncture, locating the hosting service that can provide a reasonable measure of reliability and the strong possibility of increased web site traffic should be effortless.

Some recommendations may lead you to hosting companies that offer a service that is very inexpensive. Several years ago, Nancy Mattox purchased such a plan for one year of hosting for her educational supplies site and had a less than stellar experience. “The offer was too good to pass up. Low price for web hosting seemed like the right thing to do. After a short period of time, glitches became the norm and there was considerable down time. I began to lose customers at an alarming rate. I switched hosts and my service improved substantially and spending the extra money was worth it. I had to aggressively buy targeted traffic to replace the customers that I lost with the lower priced service. It was a difficult lesson to learn”. It should be noted that many hosting companies with solid credentials have inexpensive plans that are suitable for a particular need, but Nancy Mattox’s experience is truly a lesson in “buyer beware”.

A good web hosting company can boost the prospects of guaranteed web site traffic, but the online business owner must devote an adequate amount of time that is required to find such a service. Inexpensive services can provide a good windfall or it can be a time consuming strain on resources. Choosing a web hosting plan that conforms to the web site’s goals should fit within the budget and provide a superior service.

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Does Auto Click Profits Really Work

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A veteran world wide web marketer, David Owens is able to release his new item named Auto Click Profits. This man released many web advertising and marketing products before, but this time he is releasing a various sort of products comparing to what he have created prior to. Instead of guidance or informational products, now they are going to release a piece of distinctive software. What this software program will do to the globe internet advertising and marketing and specially what the computer software will do for internet marketers who just started their on-line businesses? This article will cover couple of items in regards to the software program benefits and features.

World wide web businesses will run if you have web sites and item. Should you starting out as affiliate marketer then you’ll need website too. Clever marketers is not going to develop just an ordinary internet site for their item or affiliate product. They are going to develop profitable website to make sure that their business truly paid off. The problem is, creating lucrative sites is tough since there will likely be some coding, style, and hosting configuration involved. Seasonal marketers nonetheless occasionally having issues in launching their new item site induced by these technical problems. This is where Auto Click Profits will do the assist to automate the method.

Auto Click Profits is actually an internet based application that operate to let you build profitable sites quickly and straightforward. Worthwhile internet sites will include numerous variables like squeeze page, evaluation pages, feasible links, and search engine friendly coding. The software program will take care of one’s internet sites creating approach whilst you tell the software program what to do. Sites are the life blood of world wide web businesses, failed to construct the right internet sites than your enterprise is not going to run as you expected. It’s going to be so good if there’s a guarantee techniques that make certain us that every single internet site that we build is going to be profitable. Which is what Auto Click Profits does for us.

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